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So you are moving from your Philadelphia home to a new one across town and you are ready to start packing. Packing can be a long and arduous task if you are using too many boxes, boxes that are too small or far too large, materials that are not conducive to what you are packing in them, bags or other items not meant for your belongings to be tightly packed in.

The first and most common type of packing material that you will want to purchase are boxes. Boxes can be acquired from your local Philadelphia grocery store but moving companies and truck rental companies have boxes that are made for the express purpose of moving and you would be wise to purchase these for your move. If you treat them well many of the companies you buy them from have a buy back program in place to save you money.

Make sure to have plenty of extra boxes on hand as you will undoubtedly find more and more of your belongings you have completely forgotten about that will require packing and storage as well.

When you are moving large mirrors and large artwork such as paintings you will want to have the appropriately sized flat boxes that are designed for this type of possession. They will be able to absorb the shocks and random bumps that come with a move and keep your mirrors and paintings safe.

Wardrobe boxes are a great addition to moving to preserve your clothes through the difficulty of moving. Your clothing will remain intact and free from being ruined by drops and stains while they hang safely on a metal bar in a virtual moving closet.

Packing tape is an extremely important packing material for your Philadelphia move. In many cases people will use run of the mill, basic tape to secure their boxes and seal them but this can cause quite a lot of damage when the boxes burst open during loading or unloading allowing all of its contents to drop to the ground.

When you are packing dishes you can save some money by using newspaper to wrap them in, but you can also purchase special kitchen packs that will contain a dish rack type of box that will keep your dishes in place and lessen the chance of them breaking.

You can purchase what is known as security wrap for more fragile items such as lamps and pictures to protect them from any damage in the moving process. Bubble wrap is also a good addition to any move.

By purchasing or acquiring the proper packing material you will be able to ensure the safety of your belongings for the entire move and when they are unpacked they will be in the same great shape they were in prior to the move.

You can consult with local Philadelphia movers companies for any suggestions or tips to make you move and packing easier and there are many stores that carry packing materials for the do it yourself mover in everyone, so be wise and make sure to pack the right way!

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